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A smug small
By Dannie in CA , 6 months ago
Love this bag but at 25L its a little small. Make it 27-29L and it will be prefect!
Best EDC Pack
By Dan Smith in North Carolina , 6 months ago
Honestly one of the best and most functional built light EDC packs I've ever owned. I plan on taking it to Germany this summer and can't wait to see how it holds up. Really impressed with the quality too. All the other EDC bags I've bought have been either too cheap and fall apart easily or are just simply out of my price range. But this one is in the middle and well worth the expense. Only gave it 4 stars because it was on backorder for 2 months.
Amazing bag!!!
By Corey in VA/USA , 11 months ago
I've had this bag for just under a year and I carry it everywhere! It has just enough space for all my needs: a laptop, some usb drives and an external HD, space for a CAT and two extra mags. I don't use the weapon space for my firearm unless I physically can't, but it makes for a great hiding place for some extra cash and other important docs if I'm carrying them around. It is durable too! I've taken it hiking and been from rivers in the Northeast to the Texas plains. All-in-all, best damn backpack I've ever owned.
Great pack with infinite potential!
By Michele in WY USA , one year ago
Over the years, I have modified various packs as I've built my own kit without the desired results. This pack and the accessories available, have solved the problem by creating literally endless possibilities to what is needed for any application. The color and design of this pack make it a virtual cameleon in public. The zippers are silent by design are will withstand the rigors they are put through. The thick plastic insert creates a firmness that allows the pack to be carried close to the body, while the straps are neatly tucked away with Velcro so one is not bothered by strap ends flying around. I am able to load this pack heavier than ever before, yet the way it is situated on my shoulders leaves me feeling like the load is much lighter than was distributed with other packs. The accessories I am experimenting with are the MAP double, MPH sub & the Mini-Organizational Pouch. I am extremely pleased with the results!
Excellent EDC Pack
By tito in Florida , 2 years ago
I was originally using the Gamut which is really awesome pack with tons of features but it was too tall for me. I didn't want to lose all the Vertx features that I became familiar with, and then I met EDC ready pack. It was not exactly what I expected, but it is well designed and gets the job done. I've used it overseas for several times, I was able to carry my typical EDC items without getting detected, and it worked just fine when I was on R&R. I do miss some features on Gamut, like beaver tail and sunglass pocket on top, and I do wish that Vertx will come up with shorter version of Gamut. Regardless, EDC Ready is awesome pack and I am happy with it.
Great Quality!
By Kurt K in PA/USA , 2 years ago
I've owned this bag for about 8 months as my EDC, and love the quality of materials used. Inconspicuous appearance and size makes it ideal to bled into urban environments without attracting unnecessary attention. Comes with a plastic insert which helps the bag keep its shape. The bag is tall and slim, requiring items to be stacked on top of each other more often than other traditional packs I've owned. Shoulder straps are shorter than desired, and may be problematic on larger persons. Both the primary compartments bulge into each other when filled up. Still love it, and expect it will last a very long time.