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By Layton Fairchild III in Virginia , 4 months ago
This bag is awesome. Use it every day as an EDC system. Also fun to ise it for a light range bag. Vertx did a great job on the design and durability. Definitely recommend this bag for travel or EDC!
Commuter bag
By Rob D. in NC/USA , 6 months ago
So far a great bag for what it is designed for. I rated it 4 stars for a couple reasons. Reason 1- Velcro on the outside. I had to take it off because anything with Velcro is usually a tell tale sign that its "tactical". reason 2- accessories sold separately... I ordered one to test out for a potential unit purchase and didn't see that the Velcro inserts were sold separately.... Did me no good when I got the bag overseas.. When I have taken it out to different countries people don't seem to blink an eye. Its got the European look which is good for low-vis operations and is very comfortable.
By Zachary Dickmeyer in Nevada, USA , 7 months ago
Love everything about it. Fricken awesome bag. Im using it for work a diaper bag.
best sling bag with a few negs
By Bill A in georgia, usa , 8 months ago
Best design, hands down for a sling bag. Made in a Vietnam ? hahahahah. Also, not made from the highest quality materials and only 60 day warrantee. Most bags in this price range are made in America, with better cordura with a lifetime warrantee. I still like it, I just know I'm going to destroy it's weak materials and then be mad when I have to buy it again.
Great bag but smaller strap doesnt fit
By Tom Davisson in MO USA , 10 months ago
I like the bag , but the smaller cinch strap that is supposed to go around my waist and hook in the front does not fit, not long enough. I'm 5'8" tall and 200 lbs. Also I think they could have made the main strap longer , because the cushy part where you buckle the lower strap stops a little past the middle of my chest. if you pack the bag full it is a little uncomfortable.
Best Small Bag That I Have Found.
By I.T. Dave in Georgia USA , one year ago
Kahr CM9, 2 Magazines, 13" Macbook Air, Small Tools, Cables, Medkit, Keys, and Snacks for the Road. This bag is a perfect "non-tactical" looking EDC bag. The only thing that gives me grief is the flap on the outside. I understand the design but it is a little tough to zip. Also, fits perfect in the saddle bags of my HD Heritage. Would highly recommend.
Best bag ever!
By Chris H in Kansas/USA , one year ago
I've been carrying this bag everyday for almost two-years. It's indestructible and the best Concealed Carry bag on the market today. I've tried to find excuses to buy another brand, but when comparing to this bag...well there is no comparison. The Tactigami is fantastic and amazing how well it stays secure.
Love this bag
By Kyle in Missouri USA , one year ago
I switched to a backpack to the commuter sling and I couldn't be happier. I was worried it wouldn't function the same way but it was better. The functionality as well as the many pockets and compartments leaves this bag at the top of the list. I am in the design field but unfortunately not in this type of industry anymore. This fits my laptop which is massive as well as any book, cords, or accessories needed with plenty of room left over. I did try to reach out to Vertx about the size of the ballistics to go in the panels but have yet to hear back. Other than that I am super happy with my choice.
One of the best purchases I've made.
By Glenn in New Jersey, USA , one year ago
I use this bag to travel to and from work with my duty gun and some EDC essentials. I store it in my car (minus a gun) when I am off-duty as well, in the event that I may need to perform some police/EMR function when I am out and about. It has almost all of the features I need and has functioned flawlessly. The marketing suggests that you can go from casual to tactical in a split second, and honestly that is exactly what it does. With the proper adjustment, you can draw down on a subject and be provided full ballistic coverage from neck to knees provided you are using panels -- all while having necessary tools at your immediate disposal via the velcro. It is comfortable for both the short term and long, and casual enough to bring anywhere without looking like a cop. My dept. requires me to use a holster with a locking mechanism, and the tactigami + belt adapter allows me to use one of the many approved holsters for my duty gun. My initial impression was that the loop may not hold the weight securely, but the loop that Vertx uses is like super glue. Anything will stick.
Professional Grade Bag
By Bryan G in MN, USA , 2 years ago
The bag is extremely well built, the sewing and zippers are as good or better than most major labels. The material is smart looking without screaming tactical. The CCW compartment is large and spacious for even the largest handgun's. The only complaint I have is not enough pockets for small items. The packs plastic liners give it a solid shape without being heavy or inflexible, I think of it as a kind of modified frame, not that it is a frame at all but it provides some of the same benefits.
Great tool in the box.
By Kaleb in New Port Richey, Florida , 2 years ago
This will serve and EDC minded individual well. I have been carrying this bag around for a few months now and the construction is on point. Feels rugged and tough. Blends in with the rest of the bags out there but still gives you a unique look. The best part is it doesn't draw attention.
Best bag ever!!
By Ryan in Arizona , 2 years ago
This has been the best bag to carry while working in plain clothes or going to an amusement park with the family! It can hold all of my emergency medical supplies, a sub-gun, extra magazines, lap top, etc. and I'm able to clip several water bottles to the exterior. Traveling with this bag makes a great carry-on for a short trip. The quality is unmatched and the Vertx customer service is like no other company out there. Keep up the fine job folks!!
Great Bag
By Luis in GA, USA , 2 years ago
Love the EDC Commuter Sling bag. I purchased additional attachments and can easily carry extra magazines, cuffs, and pistol very comfortably. Enough room for my planner, iPad and other items.