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Great pants... with some room for improvement.
By Erin Burke in Washington/USA , 9 months ago
First off... I wanted to give these pants 4-1/2 stars, but the review logic limits me to even stars. The only reason I'm not giving them 5 stars, is that I'm leaving room for improvement. I REALLY like these pants. The cut is great, and the material is very comfortable (stretchy)... perhaps the most comfortable of any of the pants that I own. At the same time, they seem both thick and durable. I also like the small leather-topped pocket on the left side... it's great for EDC of a flashlight. Now, for the areas that could use improvement. Most of these are personal preference. First, because of the material, the flap over the zippered fly doesn't have much rigidity. After a few washings, it can develop folds that keep it from covering the zipper. I suppose that I could iron the fly to flatten it back out... but probably never will. It seems like a thin layer of semi-rigid plastic sewn into the fly-flap might help out with this. Next, I am not a big fan of the super-low slung front pockets. I prefer the higher, more-concealed front pocket openings of the Vertx Hyde pants. That being said, these pockets are quite functional and accessible. Speaking of the Hydes, I think the Delta Stretches could benefit from some extra magazine pockets adjacent to the rear pockets (like those of the Hydes). Finally, while (as mentioned in the beginning of the review) I really like the narrow leather-topped {flashlight} pocket on the left side of the pants, I think having another one on the right leg is overkill. I'd much rather have the right pocket resized to fit a cell phone... keeping the cool leather top though. Just my thoughts. Overall, these are great pants that I would recommend to others.
Best pant i have ever owned
By Mike Rhymer in Florida USA , 10 months ago
These pants are simply phenomenal. Career fireman and if my department would buy these I would be ecstatic. The only pant I have ever worn where I can lift my knee up to my chin and not feel resistance. Been wearing these pants every day that I am off shift now for 3 weeks. Seem to be very durable. More color choices would be great and have them in stock when I want to order.
MAY 2017 f**kin awesome
By Radiskull in TEXAS/USA , one year ago
Hope Vertx doesn't ruin it. I love these pants. I got the khaki which is 3 shades lighter than the pic. I wore them by themselves in the snow in Colorado and I was fine. I like the slim fit, and being slim they DO NOT hold you back in any way, shape or form, they stretch and feel totally comfortable, even doing and Indian squat, smart and great tailoring. They are not heavy at all; yet its a thick material. VERTX do not ruin this!!! Highly recommended.
Amazing !
By Noah in AZ , one year ago
Love the fit of these pants. The durability combine with the stretching matieral is superb.
Offsetting the 1star
By BGB in TN/USA , one year ago
Since the other reviewer gave a great review and only one star, I am offsetting it. I also really like these pants. Great look, fit to size, and are pretty durable. I would recommend to a friend.
Great weight,
By Phil in Colorado , one year ago
Finally a pair of jeans that have great fit and don't feel like tissue paper. These pants are up for any task.