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Excellent find
By JD in AL/USA , 5 months ago
Just got my first pair today, tried them on and haven’t taken them off. Very comfortable with just the right amount of stretch in the fabric. Deep front pockets are great. I read other reviews which said the legs are very narrow and I disagree (just my opinion). Plenty of leg room for me, in fact, could be a touch more slim but the comfort is incredible. Just enough flare at the leg bottom for concealing an ankle holster. In fact, I wrote this review because I’m back on the Vertx site ordering another pair. *(for reference I am 6’2” about 250)
best pants ever!
By William Day in South Carolina, USA , 6 months ago
These pants are well proportioned for a person with a medium frame. They probably will not suit you if you are a body builder, but for the rest of us they are both inconspicuous and comfortable. The stretch fabric lets you use an IWB holster if you care to do so and you don't have to worry about your pants falling down!
Narrow legs but not too bad, good quality
By Rah in Virginia , 6 months ago
I was put off by the tight fit in the legs and the narrower, slim look at first; but I'm ok with it now. Plus, they do stretch and flex with movement, so there isn't anything restrictive about them. These are really good quality, comfortable pants.
Best fitting pants I own
By Mark in Michigan--USA , 11 months ago
I own every color and I love the fit and feel of these pants. The stretchy material is perfect for thick athletic thighs. Crotch allows full freedom of movement. You can wear them to the office and go right to the woods due to the durability of the fabric. The front pockets are wide enough and deep enough for everything including your hands! Love these pants. Use this material and style for other offers please!!
Skinny Jeans
By CaptR in Virginia , 11 months ago
These are high-quality, well-made pants with great fabric, and lots of good features. The only problem - they look like skinny jeans. The legs are so narrow and tight that it ruins an otherwise excellent pair of pants.
Good but not great
By Joe in Utah , one year ago
I, like I'm sure a lot of others that bought the deltas, don't love cargo pants had high hopes for these. The fit and function seem ok, but the finish and feel leave something to be desired. The material is thick like a pair of coveralls, but don't have the hardened feel of carhartts. I'm sure they are durable, but so are the phantoms, and they are light and breathable. I'll use these in the winter for sure, but for light, breathable, flexible utility pants, I'll stick with my Gramicci City Jeans.
Don't change a thing Vertx
By Dave McDonald in Texas , one year ago
If you want tactacool or cargo pants then shop for those. These are purpose built , extremely well made pants. I have four pair. I wear them everywhere. They fit great, stretch a little and go well with my Solomon's or Danner hikers. Durability so far is off the chain! My off duty rides right where I want it. My dot gov and dot mil coworkers and friends like them as they don't make you look like a 511 store blew up on landed on you. My friends at church think they look like Carharts, in my little world that is a complement. More color options please.
Good But Needs Improvement
By T. Smith in Texas , one year ago
Very stretchy. Wide deep pockets, could pocket carry a compact pistol with trigger guard holster no problem. Belt loops are very strong and wide. Metal zipper and metal button are strong. Concealed zipper pocket on right side is fine but nominally useful. Good spot for a chest seal. Leather liner for knife and flashlight pockets are too overt. Need to loose those. Pant is too fitting down the legs. Will fit over boots but makes the bottom of the legs bell out. Needs to be looser, or in other words, more material in the legs. Still, with the needed improvements not withstanding, it is still the only pant on the market that looks as business casual as this while giving you the functions and stretch in the groin that these do.
Great pair of discreet tactical pants
By RichM in CT/USA , one year ago
Got my pair a few weeks ago and have been wearing them to work with a sport coat. The pants are extremely comfortable due to the stretch material, concealed carry is comfortable with these pants. I would ask to add additional pockets for magazines in the rear, similar to other covert tactical pants and get rid of the leather lined utility pockets (doesn't help for discreet tactical pants, however better than cargo pockets). Legs are a bit tight for former infantry type folks, but stretch with fabric. Fits over a pair of leather jump boots/or cowboy boots. These are not boot cut however.