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Vertx Pro Frequently Asked QuestionsVertx Pro Frequently Asked Questions

Vertx Pro F.A.Q.


  • Vertx Pro items are available for purchase by:

    • Active and Reserve US Military

    • Active Law Enforcement

    • Active & Volunteer Firefighter

    • Active EMT/Paramedic

    • State and Federal Government Employees


  • Vertx Pro utilizes GovX ID for authentication. GovX ID instantly and securely verifies your military, first responder and government employee status online. That means you don’t have to upload documents or share sensitive information on multiple websites to access discounts. Simply log in with your GovX ID. As of 2023, GovX ID is trusted by more than 5 million members and over 1,000 brands.


  • GovX ID is now available for all Vertx Pro products!


  • To login, simply click on the Vertx Pro Login located at the top left of your webpage, then login using your GovX ID credentials. Don’t have an account? Register Here or login with Facebook.

How does GovX ID verify my affiliation?

  • There are several ways GovX ID can verify your status to get approved. The methods they use depend on your group affiliation, including DoD databases, email address verification and document uploads. Regardless of which method you use, registering only takes a minute and most verifications happen in real-time.

How does GovX ID protect my data?

  • GovX ID takes data security very seriously! All information is encrypted in their database at all times. Furthermore, any documents you upload during the verification process are instantly deleted from their system after your membership has been approved.

Does it cost anything to get a GovX ID?

  • No, registering for a GovX ID is 100% free! Their goal is to make it easier for you to access the benefits you've earned as a member of the U.S. Military, Law Enforcement, Fire or other emergency response groups.
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