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Gear up for your most challenging missions with the Recon Collection. Engineered to withstand the toughest conditions, these tactical uniforms offer unmatched durability and resilience. Whether you're crawling through rugged terrains or scaling heights, our double-reinforced fabric with stretch inserts ensures optimal comfort and performance every step of the way.

Choose from two fabric options based on your mission requirements. Recon Flex, crafted with lightweight stretch mini-ripstop fabric, guarantees exceptional durability without weighing you down. For extreme environments and added protection against fire hazards, opt for Recon X with its Cordura® NYCO Extreme, No Melt No Drip fabric.

Vertx Pro Recon Flex CollectionVertx Pro Recon Flex Collection

Recon Flex

Recon Flex is a modern take on the traditional Recon uniform. This upgraded uniform features a 5.8oz stretch mini-ripstop fabric, enhancing its fit and function. Recon Flex utilizes several technical enhancements to maximize your performance such as 37.5® Technology, stretch woven inserts, and adjustable straps at the hem. Offering more stretch and superior function, this uniform outlasts rigorous encounters of the job, allowing you to perform at your absolute best when you need it most.

Vertx Pro Recon X CollectionVertx Pro Recon X Collection

Recon X

Crafted with No Melt No Drip (Cordura® NYCO Extreme) fabric, the Recon X Collection is built to thrive in the toughest situations. Designed to withstand extreme environments and offer added protection against sparks and fire hazards you may encounter on the job. With stretch woven inserts, adjustable straps, and 37.5® Technology, you'll experience maximum comfort and performance during your intense missions. Available in Navy, Ranger Green, and Scorpion.

Tactical Pants

The Recon Pant has been revamped to cater to your mission requirements. Now featuring a lightweight stretch mini-ripstop fabric, it offers both durability and performance. The athletic fit enhances comfort while maintaining a professional appearance. Our redesigned cargo pockets are deeper to provide maximum storage capacity and the adjustable kneepad panels with hook and loop closures allow you to cinch them down effortlessly. 

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Combat Shirts

Gear up for action with the Recon Combat Shirt - the ultimate tactical companion for peak performance. Engineered with a stretch mini-ripstop fabric, these shirts offer unrivaled durability and flexibility during intense missions. Thanks to the innovative 37.5® Technology in the knit body, you can stay cool and comfortable even when wearing additional gear on top. Plus, we've added elbow pad inserts on the long sleeves for extra protection.

  • Recon Flex Combat Shirts are available in:
  • Recon X Combat Shirts (both Short/Long Sleeve) are available in Navy, Ranger Green, and Scorpion
Recon X Collection Vertx Shop NowRecon X Collection Vertx Shop Now

Garrison Shirts

The Recon Garrison Shirt is crafted with a lightweight stretch mini-ripstop fabric and is built to withstand the most intense situations. With multiple pocket configurations, you can easily carry and access your essential gear whenever you need it most. Designed for optimal mobility and range of motion, this renovated Garrison Shirt features articulated sleeves, gusseted arms, and bi-swing shoulder vents. 

Recon X Collection Vertx Shop NowRecon X Collection Vertx Shop Now
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What is NYCO No Melt No Drip (NMND) fabric?

The Recon X uniform utilizes the Cordura® NYCO fabric. This fabric was designed for military combat uniforms, to withstand the extreme environments and conditions. These fabrics are specially designed to protect the wearer from melting or dripping in the event of a fire. They are made from a blend of synthetic fibers, such as nylon, polyester, and spandex, which have a high melting point and don’t drip when exposed to flames. This is important for industries where workers are at risk of exposure to heat or flames, such as military, oil and gas, and welding.

How is NMND different from Fire Resistant (FR)?

A fully synthetic fabric (100% polyester or 100% nylon) will melt and burn into the skin. Whereas No Melt No Drip (NMND) fabrics will flame, but won’t melt or drip on the skin. Fire-resistant (FR) fabrics, such as Aramid or Nomex, will not ignite, melt, or drip. FR fabrics are certified to meet the expectations of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 2112, which provides standards on flame-resistant garments for protection against flash fires. FR clothing is typically used in the Fire/EMS industry as they are often in scenarios with extreme heat or flames.

Why do we use NMND in the Recon X Collection?

No Melt No Drip fabrics are beneficial and utilized in the Recon X uniform because of its capabilities. These professionals enter the most intense and unknown situations but still need to be prepared. The benefits of this fabric come into play in situations where sparks may fly or debris from things such as flashbangs as it has the ability to withstand these encounters. This will allow the professional to pat out the debris and continue on with their mission, maximizing their performance.

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