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Great bag but....
By Bill in NJ- USA , 11 months ago
I have the Gamut and the EDC Ready bags. Love them and how they carry. I have tried EDC Commuter Sling and the EDC Transit Sling. Both are great bags, material is great, organization is great, etc. The only reason I returned both sling bags because I need to carry on my right shoulder and this cant be done. If this bag were ambidextrous or I had the option to carry on my right shoulder, then both sling bags would be perfect.
Best Off-the-Body Holster But Could Use Few Upgrades
By John in Texas , one year ago
I been using this bag for approx. 10 month. There are a lot of sheep but no one knows that I am a sheepdog. It works well for off-the-body carry. However, I think it could use some refresh. 1. For the weapon pouch, length x height is perfect, however, needs width. That's right. Weapon pouch is only 2 dimensional (17 in X 11 in). My Sig & 2 magazine bulges out to the back and into the main compartment. If Vertx can make weapons section to be 17 x 11 x 0.5 to 0.75 in, it will be less annoying but still firm enough to keep my gun in place. 2. Main strap used for accessing the weapon is a thin piece of soft plastic. During the windy condition or when I swing the bag to the front fast, strap flaps around so prepare yourself for little fumbling (I made a correction with 550 cord braid). 3. Zipper is a high quality but it could be silent. When you rip the main strap to get your weapon (after fumbling around little bit), noise that zipper makes is noticeable. Hard to be tactical when the bad guy is distracted and you found that small opening to present your gun but your holster is making a noticeable noise when you unzip trying to access your gun. 4. Ballistic shield compartment is useless. Ballistic plate pocket is an odd shape & size. I do not know any ballistic plate maker who can accommodate this pocket. Just not sure which armor plate company Vertx had in mind when they designed this pocket.
Great Compact Option
By Jim Graham in Oregon/USA , one year ago
Very convenient size, easy to carry and maneuver with. I use this for work going back and forth to meetings and is a nice change from my Gamut Plus. I use the Gamut when I travel and the EDC Transit for around town stuff. Love that I can supplement my IWB carry with this bag (and the Gamut). I used to roll with 5.11, but really like the less than tactical look while still having all the tactical features that Vertx brings. I love it, and have been sharing your website with all my friends.
Awesome Urban Carry
By Michael Arndt in Michigan, USA , 2 years ago
I live and work in an urban environment surrounded by 20-30 something college kids and young professionals. I wear European style jeans and shirts because that is my preference. A gun silhouette at my waist in the local coffee shop or restaurant tends to freak people out just a bit. For the last 4 months I have been carrying daily in the Vertx Transit Sling and I absolutely love it. Not only does it carry my FNS 9c and a couple spare mags but it carries my laptop and work supplies too. Time from center of back to draw about 2 seconds.
Great EDC Bag
By Mike in Virginia , 2 years ago
Very well made with a lot of options!