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Solid, well thought out Bag
By Mike in CO/USA , 3 months ago
The perfect 'gray man' bag, that blends in with non-tactical bags, but still has some great tactical features.
Great bag!
By Ef in Il, usa , 8 months ago
Just wish the inside color was dark too
Quality Construction - Some Design Flaws
By Matthew Wegmann in Wisconsin, United States , 11 months ago
I have been using this bag daily for about 4 months now. The bag is built from great materials and is extremely well built, this bag will last for many years of hard use. It opens flat which makes accessing contents easy, the slim design rides close to the back and carries weight well. The side and "water bottle" pockets are where this bag begins to fall short. The water bottle pockets will barely hold a 16.9 oz water bottle, forget about a Nalgene or anything else. The 16.9 oz bottle will only fit if there is nothing in the side pockets. Because of these features I had to scale back considerably the items I carried on a daily basis. If you are looking for a bag to carry just a few items as depicted in their video then this is a good bag. If you intend to have this bag double as daily carry and a carry-on bag for short trips I wouldn't recommended.
Great backback!
By John in Hawaii, USA , one year ago
Outside of having a standard issue pack for work I've never found a pack that could satisfy my every day requirements. Perhaps, I'm just too picky, or a GOOD EDC pack is just not out there. That is, until I found the Vertx Gamut. This bag was obviously methodically thought out by people in the KNOW of EDC, preparedness, and how to pack and yet be unnoticeable and organized. The only flaws, in MY humble opinion are; (1) Main compartment's depth; extend the depth to 2-3 inches to accommodate additional packing. (2) Side water bottle pockets; enlarge water bottle carrier pockets to fit a good sized Nalgene bottle. Its impossible to carrier a bottle and other items in the side zip pockets at the same time. This pack is already 2nd to none! Do those mods and it will be the only pack ready to hit the road running. Especially, these days when its best to be ready for any incident, and yet incognito.
Love it!
By Jacob in Wisconsin , one year ago
I love my Gamut! Extremely comfortable.The wide straps are longer than my Vanquest Ibex 30 and spaced better for my shoulders (6'-1"). The built in organization is great and the hook and loop customization is excellent. The built in frame make the contents very comfortable so you don't notice what is in the pack (as it should be). The quality of materials and stitching is very evident. The main compartment is pretty small but that is nice for an EDC bag so it doesn't get filled with junk. Easy fits my 15" laptop with neoprene sleeve. I use the laptop pocket to organize papers and the multiple other mesh zipper pockets are great for all of the other things like electrical, snacks, change/junk, etc. There are 2 down sides to this bag but they would not keep me from buying this bag. 1)The water bottle pockets are almost useless for that purpose. Only a very small diameter juice or water bottle will fit. The great organization provided in the side pocket underneath the water bottle pocket also limits the ability to get a bottle in. For example I can barely fit a small jam jar in the side pocket. No way I can get my Lifefactory water bottle in there. A larger bottle like a Nalgene would definitely not fit.These pockets simple need to be made bigger. Right now they are sufficient to but a granola bar in for a snack later and store the water bottle inside the backpack main compartment. 2) The zipper for the main compartment is lacking a cover flap to keep out water or dirt. The 2 zippers meet and leave a gap between them that is quite noticeable. All in all, I love it! Will buy second or third one in a heartbeat if they address some of the shortcomings.
Excellent Back Pack
By James in Pennsylvania , one year ago
I don't normally do reviews but I have to talk about this back pack. You get what you pay for. This pack is very well thought out and constructed. (I use the hidden carry zip in the back.) I've been through a dozen Timbuktu bags and a few others. This vertx is the best so far. This bag is even noticeably comfortable to wear. The way the straps are shaped and angled really makes it comfortable. Also you can use the sternum strap to position the straps exactly where you want them for a long hike. Very happy with this bag.
Awesome backpack!
By Sandman in United States of America , one year ago
This thing is built like a tank. I purchased one for use in college as an everyday backpack, and now I use it for everything from traveling to visiting the range. The low profile non-tactical design works as advertised. I've never had someone comment on my "tactical backpack." If you're sitting on the fence thinking about buying an EDC bag you won't regret purchasing one from Vertx.
Best versatile backpack ever or otherwise.
By Dennis L. in Georgia, USA , one year ago
Whether I choose to carry my full frame pistol or not, it is the most versatile pack I have ever owned. Unlike the standard business bags which flop and fail to secure anything well, this has the most organized interior and most stable structure ever sold in this category. The bag can hold my large laptop and other files and basic business accessories better than any business pack I've ever used. The thoughtful light color interior makes it easy to find items, and the multiple zipped mesh compartments organize power cords, adapters, and small devices. This pack can hold all of the essentials but keeps them tight and low profile on the back so I never get shoulder strain carrying with one strap. This is just simply far better made. The pack also DOES have a pass-through under the back padding to stow it on a roller when using with other luggage. The hook-loop and molle straps also allow plenty of customized stowage under the main flap. I've been carrying this pack all summer and doubt I'll ever use another brand again.
Great pack but not for everyone
By tito in Florida , one year ago
Gamut is awesome pack, love all the features, I can tell this was designed by some likeminded folks. With that said, it's way too tall and not enough depth for me. When my laptop is in it, I have very little depth left, and all items must be stacked on each other. Sure, it's clamshell opening design and I can grab items at bottom quickly, but I wish it was couple inches deeper and shorter. Aside of that, this is very comfortable pack.
Great Product
By Mike in GA, USA , 2 years ago
As a "prepared" business traveler, I've search far and wide for a bag that can serve both as a business bag as well as carry all the essential preparedness items I can legally carry for air travel and this bag serves that purpose very well. The various compartments and pockets are well designed and durable. My only complaint is that there is no sleeve for securing to a luggage handle.