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Great for open carry...
By CMG. in , 3 years ago
These are excellent pants! I just have one complaint. For those times when I am in covert mode I use an IWB holster and it gets a bit tight. Just about an inch more flex on the elastic and this would be a five star review.
Only one problem with the pants...
By JohnR. in , 3 years ago
I have these pants in every color and they are my favorite of all of my tactical pants. They are casual enough to wear on a plane and not look overly tactical, yet are still amazingly functional with their pocket design. My only complaint about them is the metal zipper pull on the hidden pocket - it dings up all of my knives and now I don't carry any of my 'nice' knives when I'm wearing these pants. It took me awhile to figure out what the black smudge on the scales of my knives was and now I can't get it off them. I presume its from the metal rubbing up against them. There is no other place to put that zipper to get it out of the way. I don't like it with the pocket open and I never use that hidden pocket anyway. I have a co-worker that has the same complaint with the pants. The new Phantom Ops pants are great with the knife pocket, but they are a little more overt.
Great pants, fantastic customer service!
By Richard P. in , 3 years ago
Very pleased with these. True to size, well cut, well sewn. Better cut and comfort than anything I've used before. Thanks to Sharlene in customer service for looking after my order.
Best pants I've ever owned
By AndrewS. in , 3 years ago
Military vet who goes for the grey man sort of look. These are the best pants for it! They fit true to size, and the fact they even make my size (38x36) is a damn miracle in itself! They are not only comfortable but really do offer an ease of motion unlike most pants I've ever worn before. Their cargo pocket design is the best! most people cannot tell I am even wearing cargo's and take them for a pair of slacks which wil really help you blend in anywhere. Their pockets surprised me, without anything to secure them closed, initially I was worried but after using them I think the U.S. military should consider them. The fact they don't use velcro is amazing too since velcro is garbage. 5.11 and propper should take a hint from these guys! MY ONLY COMPLAINT! is the butt pockets. I sit on my wallet, these pants are just a little bit too close to the butt to where it will hurt your ass after a long car ride or prolonged sitting on a hard surface. Due to the pocket layout I can reattach them outward a little so they are more towards the side when I sit down.Thanks vertex, I feel like my search for pants is over!
Awesome pants
By GabrielB. in , 4 years ago
These are some of best pants that I have ever owned. I have used them for hiking in the woods and rock climbing and during construction projects. I also wear them to the office. So I guess I can say that these pants can go and do anything. The only item I have an issue with is the zipper pocket. When I have a knife hanging on the pocket it covers the zipper. I have to remove the knife to get my secured items. If the zipper could be moved and or if you could add a dedicated knife pocket. That would be awesome.