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We believe in the power of preparedness. We can’t predict every twist and turn life throws our way, but we can equip ourselves to handle them. That’s why our gear is crafted with a relentless commitment to excellence. We don't settle for mediocrity, always pushing boundaries and embracing innovation to stay Ahead of What's Next in this ever-changing world.


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Top Picks:
. Delta Stretch LT pants
. Last Line Flannel
Mike Pfeiffer Owner of Last Line of Defense

Mike was into off-roading before YouTube or Instagram existed. As a son of an Army Veteran, he spent his youth rolling through the mountains of California, Colorado, and Hawaii, tinkering with his vehicles to make them even more capable after each return trip. He learned the skills necessary to survive the harsh terrains by diving in and getting his hands dirty. Mike began documenting his adventures and sharing them for the world to see. His YouTube channel, Last Line of Defense, offers instruction and inspiration to an army of subscribers who are just itching for a reason to head for the mountains.

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Top Picks:
. Defiance Jeans
. Gamut Backpack
John Lovell Founder/owner of Warrior Poet Society

John is a credentialed full-time tactics, firearms, and home defense instructor. He teaches over 20 different classes including night vision, low light tactics, room clearing, home defense courses, defensive carbine/rifle courses, defensive pistol courses, and more. John is a war veteran and a former member of Special Operations, having served in the 2nd Ranger Battalion with numerous combat tours to both Iraq and Afghanistan. His overseas experience also includes having served as a missionary to Central America for four years.  

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Top Picks:
. Women's Valley Flannel
. Everyday Fanny Pack
Lena Miculek 8 time World Shooting Champion
  • Competition Shooting, Overlanding, Women’s CCW
  • Gundies Winner
  • Dubbed the Most Influential Female in the Gun Industry
  • Product Development Ambassador
Vertx Member Vertx Member

Bags & Packs


Built for every adventure, every mission, and every day.
Life comes at you fast, but you take pride in being prepared for anything and everything. Just like you, our next generation of bags and packs are ready for whatever life throws at them.

In a World of Limitations, Vertx Gives You Options

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Gamut EDC Backpack Gamut EDC Backpack
Jeremy D. - U.S. Army - Expert in Tactical

Jeremy D.

U.S. Army - Expert in Tactical

Gamut Backpack

5 /5

"This has been my daily bag for work for a few weeks now. The pockets and layout are perfect for what I bring to work every day. I did add one pouch on the inside under the one that is built in and everything fits perfectly."

Delta LT PantsDelta LT Pants
Austin Duncan - Expert in Camping/Outdoors

Austin Duncan

Expert in Camping/Outdoors

Vertx Ready Pack

5 /5

"This backpack has been my go to for EDC gear from books to range days to electronics. The quick access zipper has been great as well for need things like a first aid kit, zip ties, or a firearm."

COF Light Range BagCOF Light Range Bag
Justin M - U.S. Air Force - Expert in Hiking

Adam Arrogante

U.S. Air Force - Expert in Hiking

Vertx Defiance Jean


"I’m 6’9, 330 lbs. I have struggled for years to find quality jeans/pants that fit right and allow me to carry the EDC items I want. I will definitely be buying more Vertx."

Vertx Pro is a culmination of the best technology, innovation and ingenuity for uniforms

Uniforms and Gear for the Prepared Professional™

Vertx Pro is a culmination of the best technology, innovation and ingenuity for uniforms, low vis apparel and gear for the Prepared Professional™.

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