Size warning
By ScottR65 in COLORADO , 04/15/2019
Note the other comments as well - the waist runs almost a size larger, and the length is almost a size shorter, so I am ordering another pair accordingly. I can still wear the first pair, but keep them a little low on the waist, and just stick in an IWB mag pouch to take up the extra waist room (also AIWBing and leaves plenty of room). Love the comfort and pockets though.
  Best jeans I’ve ever worn
By Andrew in Iowa, USA , 04/04/2019
Perfect fit, very well thought out features and pockets, and comfortable as hell. The gusseted crotch is roomy and flexes well. Comfortable even when holstering IWB with a kydex holster on the right hip. Good stretch and a great fit. I’ll be buying a few more pairs.
  Good Quality and Fit
By James in Texas / USA , 03/12/2019
Good construction. I've paid more for jeans of far shoddier quality. Thick waistband is very helpful for supporting holsters and other gear. Though the extra rear pockets fit a magazine as advertised, they also fit a samsung phone very well which is more useful on a daily basis - for me at least.
  Comfortable but not durable
By Bryan O in New Jersey , 03/03/2019
3 out of 5, it wont let me change the stars. Ordered these jeans back in February. I have worn them probably 6-8 times. My girlfriend noticed there were little holes at the seams of the rear pockets. I was kind of taken back because I like these jeans a hell of a lot more then 5.11 jeans. I haven't even worn these at the range yet, and now I'm worried they won't hold up. Took pictures of them but can't attach them.
  Very comfortable
By Will in TX , 02/28/2019
Excellent comfort,.great Wear ability and extremely useful. Lots of useful pockets, Vertx labels in waisband and at zipper reveal a small area for a key....nice touch, magazine pockets work well, sturdy belt loops. Yep it a win win, highly recommend these jeans.
  An excellent EDC staple!
By 2a_Raven in OH/USA , 02/17/2019
These jeans are incredibly comfortable and well thought out. Starting with a standard 5 pocket design, Vertx added small yoke pockets to each hip of the pants allowing for additional storage. These pockets are perfect for my EDC flashlight, Leatherman multitool and/or an extra Glock magazine. If you’re an avid EDCer or you concealed carry, do yourself a favor and try these pants. Between the comfort and utility, I doubt I’d buy another brand of jeans.
  Solid Jeans
By Anthony P. in Georgia , 02/08/2019
Good, comfortable jeans. I ordered a 34x34 but the length seems to be a tad too short. The ankle comes up a bit when I walk. Wish they offered a 35 length or cut their 34 a little longer to be a true 34 length. Might buy another pair in 36 inseam in the future because they're decent "gun guy" jeans for the price. Wish I was able to exchange, but I threw out the Vertx packaging it came in. Oh well...
  Defiance Jeans
By Nick in Florida , 01/18/2019
A quality constructed product that is very comfortable and true to size. Extremely functional on the range and for EDC. I would like to see a version with less taper through the leg, a straight cut variant. Further, a subtle knife pocket, between the front pant pocket and back pocket (like the Phantom Ops Pant) would be ideal, in order to allow carry of a knife with a 4” blade with glass breaker and OWB holster without contact/wear on one another.
By Angel in United States , 01/08/2019
These pants are great! I absolutely love being able to carry my EDC items while not looking tacti-cool. These jeans are very casual but have great function, feel, and durability. Plenty of pockets for those of us that love to carry a small war kit in our pockets everyday, and even for those who just want a nice pair of jeans. My favorite feature is the slit in the front watch pocket so I can feed my RATS tourniquet through and it deploys smooth!
  Perfect Pant
By Tom Jennings in Tennessee , 12/27/2018
Best Jean Style Pant ever. Would recommend these over any other brand, period. Very Comfortable. Bad thing they do not make them in 32/36.
  Almost perfect
By Nick K in Illinois , 12/26/2018
Really liking these jeans. They’re not super tight like a lot of tactical/CCW (whatever you want to call it) jeans. Love the fact that the leg openings are not tapered. My only gripe/request is... to lower the opening of the cell phone/rifle mag pocket. It seemes to be just a inch or two too high.When you’re wearing a rigid conceal carry style belt the opening of the pockets sits directly on top of it and makes it hard to get any thing out. I’d also love to see a some lighter colored denim
  Don’t put Rivets in Back Pockets
By Patrick in WA, USA , 11/21/2018
I’m a fan of Vertx and was very happy to see these Jeans were in the works. Please do not put Rivet in the Back Pockets. Rivets scratch anything you lean against, paint car, and leather seats. Thanks